Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here's Kai

As you all read earlier Baby Kai made his arrival and was actually 8lbs 5oz. Here are some pics from Big Sis's first visit with HER (she kept crying for my baby) Kai (or Peyt as she likes to call him ;O) Kai does not like the flash from the camera, as you can see. We also interrupted his meal. Sorry little man.
Proud mama with her two beautiful children.
Proud Parents and first family photo op.
Proud big sis with HER baby

Isa sure lovers HER baby. All she wanted to do was hold him. She would scream mine, mine, mine (kind of reminded me of the seagulls from Nemo)
Welcome to the world baby Kai, your cousins can't wait to meet you. They really enjoyed looking at your pictures and are having fun playing with your sis. See you soon.
Love Auntie
My niece and nephew are just the cutest.

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LVS G'MA said...

aw how cute
isa is going to make a great sister