Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things to note in the video:
1) Grace mashing the baby's food
2) Grace imitating chewing and then saying AH before feeding baby.
3)ABBY ABBY ABBY, she wants ABBY to come play!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st Soccer Game

Teammate Luis has some good ball handling skills

Michael in the back of the yellow pack


Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Westyn

Brandon and Kari were kind enough to let us come over with our
rowdy crew of kiddos and meet little Westyn.
He is so tiny and precious.
Although, I think most newborns are, since all of my kids were over 9.5 and
my last one weighed in at 10.1!
It was great to snuggle with a little peanut.
Grace loved having a living, breathing doll!
Not a lot of pictures were taken as I was either holding baby or protecting from Grace.

Mr. Brandon entertained the older 3 with an interesting game of memory.
I think by the end they were just trying to grab whatever matches they could without actually taking any turn.

To say Grace LOVED the baby would be a complete understatement.
I think the last picture says it all and you can't even see her whole face.
You know she is having a great time.

Lynden Park

Brian took the older boys to the bay after church to make sure
everything on the boat was working before the derby this coming weekend.
Let's just say they only lasted about an hour.
Came back to find there was a small craft advisory out.
So, we grabbed some DQ and took the kids to the park. I promise we had all the kids there but these are the only pictures I have edited so far. I found a tool in the Photoshop that I am LOVING!
Nothing fancy but it does the trick.

I like these two pics of Michael.


I am so excited! Tonight we get to go love on baby WESTYN! The kiddos are excited to see Mr. Brandon's (and Kari's) little guy. But let's face it, they have been fishing and Mr. Brandon has been over a lot helping on the boat so that is who they associate with. We will work on getting Mrs. Kari's name down and associating her with Mr. Brandon. Head on over to their blog if you want to see pictures of this little darling.

Monday, March 14, 2011

We love the ZOO

Hope we get to take the kids again this year!

Busy Weekend!

This weekend flew by. Thanks to a change in Brian's work schedule I was able to attend a seminar given by the co-author of Fix, Freeze, Feast. How to buy in bulk and stock your freezer. I didn't know if I would be able to attend so I had purchased the cookbook a few weeks ago. Lets just say that I am LOVING IT! It is saving my sanity. I am no longer wondering what we are going to be having for dinner or making almost daily trips to the grocery store because I don't have what we need. I have a stock pile of breakfast burritos in the freezer for Brian in the morning. I have a 2 Chicken broccoli bakes, 3 sweet chicken fillings, 4 Chilada Bakes, 2 Sweet and Sour meatballs (we had 3 but I pulled one for dinner tonight :o) I have 2 Cheese steak kits left (had one for dinner last night and it was a hit). I have a list of 4 more recipes that I want to get in the freezer and can't wait. I am also excited to get our church freezer stocked with recipes, with the help of my small group ladies! We are going to chip in and get 32 MEALS in the freezer! They will be on hand to provide for those facing unexpected circumstances.
Sunday found us at church enjoying a sermon in the series we are working on in Genesis. Want to take a listen yourself? Head over to ITunes and look for Good Shepherd Community Church....the podcasts are free. After church we went to lunch with Brian's mom at Chihuahuas. Delicious Mexican food filled my belly!!!

And in other big news. Our friends the Mulders (you can see their blog link in my list) welcomed their first born....WESTYN CRAIG MULDER.... on Sunday morning. I am so excited to meet the little guy.

And I finally have a ring on my finger! This made me quite happy. It came back half a week early.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brian's Fish

Brian, Michael, Casey and his co worker Hammy went out fishing on Saturday.
He caught 6 fish.
2 of them were wild and 3 didn't make it in the boat.

This was his keeper and weighed in at 20lbs.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


It has been 2+ years since my wedding ring has gone missing.
We have no idea what happened to it.
One day I went to put it on and it was gone.
I wasn't able to wear it during my pregnancy with Peyton because
my fingers would swell.
We were finally able to replace it!
I can't wait!
It will be here in about two weeks.

The best part of all is that because we bought it at Kay Jeweler the diamonds have a lifetime warranty.
The other great part, if I ever want to to upgrade, is that I can use the ring we just bought towards the purchase of the next one. As long as it is good condition. Which it should be if I regularly get it checked.