Monday, March 21, 2011

Lynden Park

Brian took the older boys to the bay after church to make sure
everything on the boat was working before the derby this coming weekend.
Let's just say they only lasted about an hour.
Came back to find there was a small craft advisory out.
So, we grabbed some DQ and took the kids to the park. I promise we had all the kids there but these are the only pictures I have edited so far. I found a tool in the Photoshop that I am LOVING!
Nothing fancy but it does the trick.

I like these two pics of Michael.


Mark said...

nice pics. What new tool did you find?

Mark said...

ps- that is mine; apparently Mark logged in this morning!

Mama Bender said...

enhance, adjust color, color variation. It is pretty close to Picasa and I only use the lighten and darken in each category right now. Not brave enough to touch the colors.