Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 and 2 is 4

That is how many fish Brian and Michael caught after I left to take Peyton and Casey home last night. Brian called us while he was at work and wanted the boys and I to meet him at Lake Padden for a picnic dinner and some fishing. Casey wasn't interested in fishing. He wanted to run around. A friendly duck caught Peyton's eye. That made his evening. It was winder than I had expected it be. Silly me to forget jackets. Michael had his on when we left. That is why he got to stay with Daddy and fish longer. They came home with a total of 8 fish. Two gentlemen had been fishing Padden all day and asked us if we wanted their fish, for some reason they didn't.

Pictures to come soon.

Michael and Brian both caught two fish. Michael will tell you that 2 and 2 is 4!!! He is getting so smart :o)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Been busy

We had a very full day on Saturday. Daddy was scheduled to work overtime but once he realized that it was opening day for a trout he changed his schedule around. The pictures are in reverse order. We started our day before 5 am since we knew that Lake Padden would be packed (hey the stock it with the trout, who wouldn't go there first)
Michael helping Daddy clean the fish that he "caught"
Casey didn't really want to help Daddy, he didn't want blood on him

Peyton's favorite part of the trip was the duck. He did really well for getting up so early and having to just sit on my jacket. Didn't want him rolling down the hill and falling in the water.

Such a good little man. Bad picture though.

Climbing back up the hill with our fish. We went to backside of the lake, the other side had people lined up along the shore. Since we were on the backside we had to hike down to get to the water.

After fishing we went to celebrate Isa's 3rd Birthday and played with the cousins for a couple of hours. Then we went to Samish with the boat to "check it out" Don't you know that it worked fine until the end and then the motor started having trouble. Brian was hoping to take it out for opening day of shrimping but it doesn't look like that will happen. He is going to try to go with a guy from work. This motor just doesn't like that. After the Lake we came home and got the truck and headed down the road to pick up the treehouse from one of Brian's coworkers. The boys love it. Will get pictures soon. Then we played outside for the rest of the day. The boys had their fish for dinner. Needless to say it was early to bed for the three little men last night. What a wonderful day out in the sunshine though.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Better late...

Guess we are going in reverse order since that is how blogger loaded the pictures.
Peyton playing with his balloon from Sonic
Showing mama his balloon from Sonic..this boy loved that balloon!!

Casey showing his award for finishing the first book in Cubbies. Michael got one to but I couldn't get a good picture of him.

Easter Sunday pictures. My three handsome little men with their new animals from Grandma Rutter.

There won't be much posting this next week. I have been asked to ramp up production of the diapers as they are trying to discontinue one of the lines. They are trying to get product sewn and out.
Tomorrow I am headed to the DOL to get Michael his enhanced ID for his trip this summer. Tues I have a WIC appointment and then the Credit Union annual dinner. Everytime we have gone we usually win some good door prizes. Last year we ended up with about $70 in Costco Cash cards. It helps when each of your kids gets a ticket stub for the drawing :o)
Friday Uncle Mark is watching the kiddos while I go get my teeth cleaned. OH Joy!! what fun....can't wait for all my fun appointments after they baby comes as I found out last month that I have a lot of cavaties (and those are only the ones they could see without the x-ray!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look what I made!!!

It's not the best picture but you get the idea. I decided to get creative (after finding out we were having a girl and seeing the price cute hairclips cost) and make my own infant/toddler hair clips. They are actually pretty easy to make. I have done 10 so far and gave one to my niece Isa. She likes all things girlie!!! I have even seen some people putting ladybugs on them. That is what the top one is supposed to be. I just need to add antennas to it. I am hoping to make some and attempt to sell them. Maybe Cindy and I will do a craft show around Christmas. We have some cute stuff (bonnets, blankets, burp cloths, cloth wipes, nursing covers, art smocks and now hair clips). We wanted to do one last year but didn't have enough stuff together. Maybe we can plan on one this year. If we start now, we should have enough stuff to sell!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Friday was a beautiful day with the sun a shining!!!
The kids got to play on the swingset.
Kai loved the swing
Peyton is pointing out something to Daddy

I didn't have the camera when all 5 kids were swinging.
Casey, Kai and Isa swinging away!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting....

my newest find. Trying to find ways to save money and not have to buy more longer shirts. My maternity pants aren't fitting and since I have lost weight with this pregnancy my regular pants are to loose and if I tighten my belt anymore then my tummy starts to hurt. That sure was a run on sentence :o) So I found a swelly belly maternity band on ebay with free shipping and $10 cheaper than anywhere else sells them :o) And it work as a cover up for the tummy when nursing. What a great deal at $19. Mine is white with blue and black polka dots, figured it would go with more things I owned.
On another note, Mark you are welcome for watching your children today. As Kai had an explosive diaper that made all the way up to his armpit. I could picture your gagging faces as I was changing it. You owe Kai a big thank you when he gets home for saving it for Auntie's house.