Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

As you may know I am now watching my neice and nephew. This puts 5 children in my care and my van is pushed to capacity. It says it seats 7, but when you have 5 people that require carseats it gets kind of tough.
As you can see Santa, I barely got everyone into the van. It was tight and I had a really hard time buckling them. I had to put Kai in the back and I don't like doing that. He is to little and I need to be able to glance back and make sure he is okay.

The reason I am writing you is to let you know what this mama would like for christmas. It doesn't have to be the latest model. Just something nice that will seat all 5 kiddos safely in the back. This mama needs a suburban. I know they don't get the best gas mileage but there is n o price on safety. GMC just came out with the new Yukon Hybrid (just in case you didn't know)

Thanks for considering my request. I know you will do everything you can Santa.

I have been very good this year.

The Mama

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Isa jsut wanted to let her mama know that she missed her but she is having fun with Auntie.

She really enjoyed watching herself on the camera.

Peyton's Helper

Isa decided that Peyton is going to walk all the time now. She will hold his hand and help.
No crawling allowed Peyt. Let me help you stand up
Time to color.

I have Isa in bed, Casey in bed, Kai is trying to go to sleep in the bassinet and Peyton just woke up from a nap and is now eating his lunch. It is fairly quiet in my house (amazing, I know). All is fine and I am still sane :o)

They're Here

PS~No pics of Michael because he spent the night at Grandma Cindy's

Monday, August 25, 2008

There is a good excuse

No blogs lately but I have a good excuse. I have been trying to get my house ready for two additional children. One who is only three months old, that means putting away a lot of toys. I have also been catching up on sewing the cloth diapers for Snap-ez. I won't be able to sneak away at Peyton's naptime anymore. I will post tomorrow about how the first day is going of my adventure with 5 kids 4yrs old and under.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look who's walkin'

He is still wanting to crawl but is giving walking a chance.

Five Days and Counting

Michael is 4, Casey is 3 and Isa is 2
Kai Kai is 3 months now
Peyton is 1

Five more days until I am adding two more children to my household for five days a week. That will make it 5 kids that are 4 and under. Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into. It will be fun I am sure. Just need to build two pens. One for Isa and one for Casey. That will help :oP Just kidding Nicole.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Michael and Casey with the Crab
Michael and Casey with the watching the baby cows
The Benders can't do the fair without finding the stuff that Daddy uses at work
Sitting on the bucket to the big excavator

I look forward to seeing Ben at the fair every year. He has been coming to the fair since 1997. He is one big steer.

If you want to see pics from the clam dig go to
Nicole did a great job with the post and captures the day perfectly.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend (pictures to follow tomorrow)

This weekend was jam packed for us.

Got the boys up to go crabbing with Daddy.
Peyton and Mama head to the Fair
Meet everyone at Grandma Cindy's for a BBQ and to see all the crabs
Finally, home and to bed :o)

Took Michael and Casey to the Fair
Cotton Candy
Ice Cream and Milkshakes
Home for naps and lots of fun

Clam digging with Auntie, Uncle Mark, Isa and Kai kai
Total clams dug 240 (120 for each household)
Went to find a sandy beach for the kiddos
Peyton had a blast (I need to get the pic from Nicole, I forgot my camera)
Home for naps

Let's just say that I am paying for the weekend today. I had 35 diapers to sew and have done today. Didn't finish them all. Didn't even sew this weekend. I was up at 5 am to get started on finishing them. All but 12 done. I need more supplies so they will just have to be finished up by tomorrow. I am taking a rest and enjoying time with Peyton now while the other two take their naps :o)

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Fair

I remember them coming in cups twice this size.
Peyton looking at the pig
Peyton talking to the goat
This kid is so happy
Peyton liked the 13 week old calf
Peyton visiting with two more baby calves.

Brian and his mom took Michael and Casey out to Blain to go crabbing today. I decided to pack up Peyton and introduce him to all sorts of animals. He was so excited and everytime I stopped he wanted out of that stroller. He like looking at the horses, but when there is only one mama it is hard to get good pictures of him with the animals.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Peyton Weigh In

Peyton had a weigh in at the WIC office today and they are pleased with his results. He weighed in at 21 lbs 11.5 oz (25th percentile) and 30 inches (didn't quite get the percentile on that) He is 50th percentile for weight to length.

Hoping to get to the fair with at least two of my boys tomorrow. Maybe we will have some pics.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Such a tease

This is a video of the little bugger. He makes me think he is going to start walking when all is going to do is plop onto his tush. He is a smart little boy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting there

It seems like only yesterday that my little man was this small

Could someone please tell me where the time goes

I have feeling that soon my little man Peyton will be walking. He is now up to 6 steps. However most of the time he is standing (with mama encouraging him) and then he looks up at the ceiling smiles, laughs and plops to bottom. Just to stand up again and repeat. But he did take 6 steps while I was accross the room.

Blanchard Hike

Going up the big hill
Tree hugger
Well worth the hike
View from the Oyster Dome
Jell-o legs Cas

Mom, my legs feel like a special treat

Pictures will follow soon.

On Friday Brian and I took the boys on a hike up Blanchard Mountain. Something we thought would be a quick couple hour hike turned into a 10mile + hike that took us 4.5 hours to complete. Peyton was riding in style on Brian's back but Michael and Casey walked the 10mile hike. Michael suprisingly walked the entire time without a single complaint of being tired. Casey lasted until about two miles to the car and started asking to be carried. So I picked up my little man and put him on my shoulders.

I then asked," Do your legs feel like jell-o.

His reply, "Yes, my legs feel like a special treat, can we eat them mom?"


"We can save this one for Daddy, it's blueberry pie. You can cut it in half mom."

I couldn't stop laughing.

Out of the mouth of babes :o)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

One of many...

Favorite photos. Taken the day Peyton was born, this is the first time that Michael got to meet him. He was so excited. It was fun to just watch him soak it all in. It is also one of the few photos that I got with Daddy in it.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Did you see all my stuff

If you keep an eye on the sidebar you will see new items that are currently for sale in my etsy shop. I did not make the hats, those are Cindy's, but we are trying to sell them. Send people you know who might be interested this way.

Wordless Wednesday

Cousins, taken Feb. 2007

Friday, August 1, 2008


Michael and Casey so excited to have their own Seahawks hat just like Daddy