Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mom, my legs feel like a special treat

Pictures will follow soon.

On Friday Brian and I took the boys on a hike up Blanchard Mountain. Something we thought would be a quick couple hour hike turned into a 10mile + hike that took us 4.5 hours to complete. Peyton was riding in style on Brian's back but Michael and Casey walked the 10mile hike. Michael suprisingly walked the entire time without a single complaint of being tired. Casey lasted until about two miles to the car and started asking to be carried. So I picked up my little man and put him on my shoulders.

I then asked," Do your legs feel like jell-o.

His reply, "Yes, my legs feel like a special treat, can we eat them mom?"


"We can save this one for Daddy, it's blueberry pie. You can cut it in half mom."

I couldn't stop laughing.

Out of the mouth of babes :o)

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