Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend (pictures to follow tomorrow)

This weekend was jam packed for us.

Got the boys up to go crabbing with Daddy.
Peyton and Mama head to the Fair
Meet everyone at Grandma Cindy's for a BBQ and to see all the crabs
Finally, home and to bed :o)

Took Michael and Casey to the Fair
Cotton Candy
Ice Cream and Milkshakes
Home for naps and lots of fun

Clam digging with Auntie, Uncle Mark, Isa and Kai kai
Total clams dug 240 (120 for each household)
Went to find a sandy beach for the kiddos
Peyton had a blast (I need to get the pic from Nicole, I forgot my camera)
Home for naps

Let's just say that I am paying for the weekend today. I had 35 diapers to sew and have done today. Didn't finish them all. Didn't even sew this weekend. I was up at 5 am to get started on finishing them. All but 12 done. I need more supplies so they will just have to be finished up by tomorrow. I am taking a rest and enjoying time with Peyton now while the other two take their naps :o)


LVS G'MA said...

busy weekend
looking forward to LOT'S of pic's

Kelsie said...

Oh! You have a blog too-I love it! I'll be reading.... :o)