Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Over halfway there....

As of tomorrow I will officially be over halfway there with only 19 weeks left... exciting. Anywhoo...hoping to get a photo post going soon. Not much new going on here. I have Michael registered for school and his assessment date is set for September 8th. I did pick up an adorable outfit for new baby today. It is a onesie and pant set that says "I'm Mommy's dream come true" It was to cute to pass up. I am back to watching the niece and nephew this week. Speaking of nephew I think he is up from his nap so I must go get him and put the niece down for hers.

Have a Happy Tuesday!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a way to start the day!

Brian, Michael and Peyton all woke up this morning sick... I mean run to the bathroom sick. Sadly Peyton doesn't understand the run to the bathroom sick so I spent the morning cleaning up his mess :o( Yuck. It is a tv day in the Bender household. I am window shopping. Looking at all the cute clothes out there for a sweet little girl. Have a good Thursday everybody. Off to check on my three sickies!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's a GIRL!!!!!

Ultrasound Photos

Just to tide you over till the results are revealed tonight!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

We are going to have to watch this one!!

Peyton wanted to play with the baby. So I swaddled the baby and he was going to put him ni-ni
Then I decided to let him carry the baby and turned the blanket into a sling.
He is loving the baby!

Doing such a good job

He is a pro :o)

He has even been dancing while slinging his baby. If baby wriggles out he quickly runs to mama and asks for hep hep (help) on baby please!!
Ultrasound is tomorrow, however, no one will be notified of the sex until after Brian gets home from work!!! He is having them put the gender into a envelope so we can find out together.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ultrasound is scheduled for Tues the 24th of March at 11:00 am. I took the first available appointment they had. Baby is doing fine. I had to take all three boys with me today. That was interesting. Peyton however will not be joining me again. This is the second appointment he has been to and after the first one I didn't want to take him but didn't really have a choice. He does just fine until Ann listens to the baby with the doppler and then he just loses it. I don't think he likes the noise of it. It has never bothered the other boys, so I don't know. Didn't listen to long to the baby for two reasons: 1)Peyton was screaming and 2) the baby wouldn't cooperate. Go figure. This baby is the first one that we have been able to get a good heartbeat (with the little doppler) at 10 weeks. Knew the cooperation wasn't going to last for long :o)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recent Buys

The cute dress that I just couldn't pass up at 1/2 off!!!
One for each of the boys, Easter vest

Peyton's new shoes, ooo, aaa

Proudly showing off his new shoes. This boy loves shoes :o)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Silly little Man

I love that I can make Peyton's day just by buying him a pair of shoes! That's right, this little man has a shoe fetish. Loves to play with them, try them on, and really loves it when Mommy buys him a pair. I will get pics of him in his new crocs later. I had been looking for awhile for some in his size at an affordable price and finally found them. Wal-mart has them for $6 and they have a monkey on them. I tried them on him and had a I tried to put them on the shelf again he would've been screaming. I am just happy the fit.

I've also been trying to get a video of him dancing but as soon as he sees the camera he stops and says cheese. He is such a little stinker. The pic above was taken just before church yesterday. Peyton is wearing a sweater that used to be Daddy's. It was made for Daddy by his Grandma. It has snoopy on the back of it. Off to enjoy the rest of my Monday. I got just about all of my errands done. Got my appointment on Thursday changed to an earlier time, hopefully I will be able to make my ultrasound appointment later that day (for the following week of course).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Burlington Trip

Had to go pick up Brian's duck in Burlington today and figured that while I was down there to stop in and pick up a gift for friends wo are flying in with their new baby next week. Of course they were having great deals and I just had to do a little shopping. I got the boys Easter vests and an adorable chocolate dress with pink polka dots and a cute little matching pink dress. Lets just hope that the little bit of intuition I am having is right and it is an sweet little girl growing in my belly.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Questions from Michael

"Mom, are you sure you want to have another baby?"

"Yes Michael, don't you want a brother or sister?"

"Yes! Is this what your baby looks like in your belly (pointing at 6wk ultrasound picture)."

"The baby will look different when it is born, it is growing everyday."

"Mommy, who is going to get the baby out of your belly?"

He must be 5!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mud Puddle

Casey exploring
Michael is waiting for Peyt to move so he can throw a rock in

Peyt loves the doggies

Peyt is boy with no fear!

Friday, March 6, 2009


If you look to the sidebar you will see that I set up a poll. Feel free to vote. I am hoping to have an ultrasound done in 3 weeks. If I can get it scheduled for week 20. I thought it would fun to let people put in their guesses. Just to let you know how this pregnancy compares to the others,

Michael's~ I had morning sickness for like a week but it quickly went away with a bite of fruit or fresh air

Casey's~ No morning sickness

Peyton's~ Same as Michael's, only about a week of morning sickness.

Suprise's~ I still have morning sickness (at 17 weeks) and am in the bathroom at least 2 a week. Nothing makes it go away!!

Happy voting.

In other news, Michael went into the dr. today. He is healthy, vision and hearing are good. He weighs just over 43 pounds and is just oveer 44 inches tall. He had to get 4 shots (he is ready for school now) and he took all of them without a tear falling. I was so proud. The nurse gave him the first one and all he said was ow!! The nurse was quite impressed too!

Peyton woke with a fever of 102 and didn't get to stay with auntie today. He accompanied us to the Dr. while Casey got to stay and play with Isa, Kai and Auntie. He had a great time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick update

I had some great pics of the boys playing in a mud puddle to post, but once again my computer is having issues when I try to load the photos onto it. Everyone here is doing fine. Peyton has become quite the little talker recently.

Things Peyt says :
kai kai
buh bye

He is signing more, eat, potty, please. He is the little cutie and a lovebug.
Casey is into everything, Michael has a million questions. Hopefully I will be able to figure out this computer thing so that it quits happening.