Friday, March 6, 2009


If you look to the sidebar you will see that I set up a poll. Feel free to vote. I am hoping to have an ultrasound done in 3 weeks. If I can get it scheduled for week 20. I thought it would fun to let people put in their guesses. Just to let you know how this pregnancy compares to the others,

Michael's~ I had morning sickness for like a week but it quickly went away with a bite of fruit or fresh air

Casey's~ No morning sickness

Peyton's~ Same as Michael's, only about a week of morning sickness.

Suprise's~ I still have morning sickness (at 17 weeks) and am in the bathroom at least 2 a week. Nothing makes it go away!!

Happy voting.

In other news, Michael went into the dr. today. He is healthy, vision and hearing are good. He weighs just over 43 pounds and is just oveer 44 inches tall. He had to get 4 shots (he is ready for school now) and he took all of them without a tear falling. I was so proud. The nurse gave him the first one and all he said was ow!! The nurse was quite impressed too!

Peyton woke with a fever of 102 and didn't get to stay with auntie today. He accompanied us to the Dr. while Casey got to stay and play with Isa, Kai and Auntie. He had a great time.


LVS G'MA said...

44 inches I LOVE IT this means the majority of rides you'll be on little man woohoo
now if you will only grow 3 more inches there's nothing you can't do so say it with me


oh i'm observant i was the first to vote hehehehe

Isa and Kai's mama said...

I voted for Casey. He told me it is a boy, and he would like to name him 'Bait."
Daddy should be proud.
He didn't specify which kinda bait, though, crab bait, fish bait, he didn't really care.

LVS G'MA said...

love what those boys come up with
i'm voting for uncle's trevor and kevin

Mama Bender said...

I voted for Michael since oley voted for Casey.
Michael tells me it's a girl. He likes the name Grace (daddy doesn't) his 2nd choice name is Natalie.

Peyton just likes showing everyone my belly, i mean baby :o)