Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ultrasound is scheduled for Tues the 24th of March at 11:00 am. I took the first available appointment they had. Baby is doing fine. I had to take all three boys with me today. That was interesting. Peyton however will not be joining me again. This is the second appointment he has been to and after the first one I didn't want to take him but didn't really have a choice. He does just fine until Ann listens to the baby with the doppler and then he just loses it. I don't think he likes the noise of it. It has never bothered the other boys, so I don't know. Didn't listen to long to the baby for two reasons: 1)Peyton was screaming and 2) the baby wouldn't cooperate. Go figure. This baby is the first one that we have been able to get a good heartbeat (with the little doppler) at 10 weeks. Knew the cooperation wasn't going to last for long :o)

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