Monday, March 16, 2009

Silly little Man

I love that I can make Peyton's day just by buying him a pair of shoes! That's right, this little man has a shoe fetish. Loves to play with them, try them on, and really loves it when Mommy buys him a pair. I will get pics of him in his new crocs later. I had been looking for awhile for some in his size at an affordable price and finally found them. Wal-mart has them for $6 and they have a monkey on them. I tried them on him and had a I tried to put them on the shelf again he would've been screaming. I am just happy the fit.

I've also been trying to get a video of him dancing but as soon as he sees the camera he stops and says cheese. He is such a little stinker. The pic above was taken just before church yesterday. Peyton is wearing a sweater that used to be Daddy's. It was made for Daddy by his Grandma. It has snoopy on the back of it. Off to enjoy the rest of my Monday. I got just about all of my errands done. Got my appointment on Thursday changed to an earlier time, hopefully I will be able to make my ultrasound appointment later that day (for the following week of course).