Thursday, March 12, 2009

Burlington Trip

Had to go pick up Brian's duck in Burlington today and figured that while I was down there to stop in and pick up a gift for friends wo are flying in with their new baby next week. Of course they were having great deals and I just had to do a little shopping. I got the boys Easter vests and an adorable chocolate dress with pink polka dots and a cute little matching pink dress. Lets just hope that the little bit of intuition I am having is right and it is an sweet little girl growing in my belly.


LVS G'MA said...

you know now i'm changing my vote to boy
as you just jinxed yourself good grief haven't you learned not to do that yet
so what's his name going to be

Mama Bender said...

but with the boys I think I always knew it was a boy, I was just in denial. I can't jinx myself. It's not like the baby can change its sex now :o)