Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh so happy

The company that told me I won and then told me no yesterday has come to an agreement I can live with. They gave me a choice between 2 Bumbleride strollers
The top one is the iCandy Pear a tandem double stroller. If I had a newborn and Grace
it would have been a wonderful stroller. It also doesn't come with the canopies, they would have been a separate purchase.
But is not so great for an almost 4 year old and 20 month old.
The bottom one is the one they are giving away on their website.
A Bumbleride Indie Movement.
I picked that one.
It will last us longer. I could have used a double but when Peyton is in school it will be nice to have a good single for walking with Grace. I do have a single already but nothing like the Bumbleride.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tulip Fields 2011

I LOVE to go to the tulip fields.
All the bright beautiful colors.
I couldn't wait to use my camera there for the first time.
We bought it in 2008, I have been waiting 3 years for this!

Peyton was smelling the flower. He is saying EWWWW here

Grace loved the flowers too! It was hard to keep her from picking them .

I love it when I catch a one that has bloomed surrounded by those not quite there.

The fringed ones are one of my favorite.

Note the raindrop on the petal of the tulip.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heard around the house

Let me just say that Peyton cracks me up!
He is so funny.
Things he has said lately that I want to remember

Daddy, you have to go to bed, you have work tomorrow.

Alphie: Is there anything you don't know?
Peyton: NO!

You are not listening to me! (removes card from Alphie)

Mommy are you outside?
Me: no
Mommy are you outside?
Me: no
Then take your shoes off.
(This is something Brian says to the boys)

I didn't kiss your chipmunks!

I am sure there are more. He has had us laughing the last few nights.

Monday, April 4, 2011

On the Mend

If you had been in my house this weekend you would never even know that Peyton received the diagnosis that he did. I am happy to report that the kiddos are on the mend. The kids are on spring break this week and I am hoping for some sunshine so that they can go outside and play. That is all for now.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last Night

Let's just say that last night was oh so fun (not really)
At 4:30 I realized Grace was burning up and took her temp, 102.
About 15 min. later Peyton started screaming that his ear hurt.
So, I called the Dr. and got an appointment in after hours.
30 min. after our scheduled appt we were taken back.
Peyton did great! Given that at his last visit he screamed when he was weighed, had his temp taken and they did the pulse ox.
Grace made sure the nurse checked her out too!
And Grace did great.
The diagnosis for Peyton is a double ear infection and pneumonia in his left lower lobe.
Grace also has a double ear infection. Not as severe as Peyton's though.
We are treating Peyton's pneumonia as if it were the more severe. Hoping to avoid a x-ray.
If it doesn't clear up, that means it was the less severe and he will be put on a new antibiotic.

Hopefully they kick in and work.