Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last Night

Let's just say that last night was oh so fun (not really)
At 4:30 I realized Grace was burning up and took her temp, 102.
About 15 min. later Peyton started screaming that his ear hurt.
So, I called the Dr. and got an appointment in after hours.
30 min. after our scheduled appt we were taken back.
Peyton did great! Given that at his last visit he screamed when he was weighed, had his temp taken and they did the pulse ox.
Grace made sure the nurse checked her out too!
And Grace did great.
The diagnosis for Peyton is a double ear infection and pneumonia in his left lower lobe.
Grace also has a double ear infection. Not as severe as Peyton's though.
We are treating Peyton's pneumonia as if it were the more severe. Hoping to avoid a x-ray.
If it doesn't clear up, that means it was the less severe and he will be put on a new antibiotic.

Hopefully they kick in and work.


The Mulder Family said...

OH no sorry to hear that. Hope those kiddos are feeling better soon and no one else gets it :) Pray for SPRING & SUMMER!!!

Isa and Kai's mama said...

What did they put him on? Zithromax is the way to go; I swear by it! Sorry to hear they are sick, but, I gotta say your night sounds better than mine ;)

LVS G'MA said...

hope all my grandchildren are backk too 100% soon

Lani said...

That's rough! So sorry!