Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Peyton

Three years ago today I was exactly 41 weeks pregnant.
Ask my midwife and she will tell you that I am a 41 weeker and will probably never
naturally go into labor at 40 weeks or earlier.
Three years ago, I woke up at 1 a.m. to contractions that were 10-15 min apart.
I decided to be nice and let Brian and the midwife sleep.
At 6 am they were pretty regular 10 min so I decided to wake everyone up and call
the midwife. She was on her way.
We called Grandma Cindy to come and get Michael and Casey.
The contractions came and went.
I was 8 cm when the midwife came at a little after 6.
Problem is that Peyton wouldn't drop.
I was in labor for 16 hrs. My longest one.
With just a few pushes this little man flew into the world.
Scared us at first because he didn't let a cry but he had a good grip and we knew he would be okay.
Michael and Casey came over that night to see us and went with Grandma to get dinner for everyone. Mama was craving chinese food from Haggen's. It was delicious.

Peyton James weighed in at 9lbs 11.5oz 22.5 in long

Peyton's 1st birthday party

Peyton's 2nd birthday

Peyton at 3 (well a month before turning 3)

Peyton you are a whirlwind of energy.
Lover of food, always in the kitchen sneaking bananas.
Wonderful BIG brother
You are a big boy and are using the potty now.
You HATE diapers, they are for babies
You love Little Einsteins.

We love you Wingnut
(or Hoover as daddy has started calling you lately)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love this Picture

Hair standing on end because it had been in a pony tail the last two days

Getting ready to crawl and take on the world.

Just look at that smirk....showing her two itty bitty teeth.

I LOVE that little girl!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Due for a post

What we have been up to~

enjoying the beautiful weather

playing outside

boys have been shrimping

I have been separating their heads from their bodies (the shrimps, not the boys)

I have been seriously considering homeschooling

Looking at taking the course at Whatcom this september

While I enjoy my breaks from having all the kids home, I would really enjoy the flexibility with the schedule that comes from homeschooling.

Michael spends about 2 hrs on the bus each day he goes to school

Brian only works a 4 day week and this would give us more time to do fun things (instead of feeling guilty for keeping Michael home from school so we could go to the zoo)


Grace has been trying to pull herself up to stand.

She is still crawling backwards and not forward yet.

I believe she is going through a growth spurt as her sleeping habits stink right now.

I am looking forward to being in a room that Grace doesn't sleep in, that way we can at least try the cry it out technique!

Friday, May 7, 2010

1st Bonfire of the year

Brian had some brush to burn and the boys insisted on roasting marshmallows.
I had a picture of Casey but it got lost in the shuffle.

We kept telling Peyton to put it closer to the flame so it would roast....

But I don't want it to catch what he would say

He is going to be my child that will have the perfect golden brown ones!

He loves his Baby Grace

and Baby Grace loves pulling his hair

Daddy pushing Peyton on the tractor that I got for free when we lived in town

What a great little brother

Peyton asks the boys if he can push them around the yard.
He is such a thoughtful young man.

Just in case you didn't see, I had two posts that I put up this evening so be sure to scroll on down!

Meet Grace's New Friend

Brian went out shrimping today and yesterday and last Saturday!
For some reason they (Dept of Fish and Wildlife) only have shrimping open for
SEVEN days this year!
Yesterday they limited out for 4 people!
Think 320 shrimp.
They even threw back about 25.
Today, they limited out for 4 people in one pull of each of his pots (4 total)
Another 320 shrimp (we got 2 limits and they people that went with got 2). threw back over 350 shrimp.
They had 350 shrimp in the last pot they pulled up!


Grace liked the shrimp. This guy was still kind of squirming and she wanted to touch him.

"What Mom, I was just trying to get to know him better!"
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Thursday, May 6, 2010