Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Grace's New Friend

Brian went out shrimping today and yesterday and last Saturday!
For some reason they (Dept of Fish and Wildlife) only have shrimping open for
SEVEN days this year!
Yesterday they limited out for 4 people!
Think 320 shrimp.
They even threw back about 25.
Today, they limited out for 4 people in one pull of each of his pots (4 total)
Another 320 shrimp (we got 2 limits and they people that went with got 2). threw back over 350 shrimp.
They had 350 shrimp in the last pot they pulled up!


Grace liked the shrimp. This guy was still kind of squirming and she wanted to touch him.

"What Mom, I was just trying to get to know him better!"
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