Thursday, August 21, 2008

Five Days and Counting

Michael is 4, Casey is 3 and Isa is 2
Kai Kai is 3 months now
Peyton is 1

Five more days until I am adding two more children to my household for five days a week. That will make it 5 kids that are 4 and under. Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into. It will be fun I am sure. Just need to build two pens. One for Isa and one for Casey. That will help :oP Just kidding Nicole.


LVS G'MA said...

i think nicole would agree with that one!!!
she knows what those two are like when they get together
hopefully after spending so moch time together they will be exhasted and get over it
have fun
i'm looking forward to lot's of post next week (of course not until the children are all sleeping peacefully)

Isa and Kai's mama said...

Kaikai is jealous- he wants a pen too! He may need one to keep a safe distance from the two tornadoes who will shortly be taking over your house!
And I agree- I think you are CRAZY. But now you are stuck, and for an entire year!!!