Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 and 2 is 4

That is how many fish Brian and Michael caught after I left to take Peyton and Casey home last night. Brian called us while he was at work and wanted the boys and I to meet him at Lake Padden for a picnic dinner and some fishing. Casey wasn't interested in fishing. He wanted to run around. A friendly duck caught Peyton's eye. That made his evening. It was winder than I had expected it be. Silly me to forget jackets. Michael had his on when we left. That is why he got to stay with Daddy and fish longer. They came home with a total of 8 fish. Two gentlemen had been fishing Padden all day and asked us if we wanted their fish, for some reason they didn't.

Pictures to come soon.

Michael and Brian both caught two fish. Michael will tell you that 2 and 2 is 4!!! He is getting so smart :o)


LVS G'MA said...

still waiting on pics

LVS G'MA said...

it's now sunday and on wednesday you said pics soon
what's your definition of soon
just wondering

Mama Bender said...

hoping to do it tomorrow afternoon