Monday, July 21, 2008

Crab Season is Here :o)

Friday morning Brian, myself , Michael and Casey set out on quite the adventure. In our bright green 17 ft boat we braved the not so fun up to 3 feet waves to get to the crabbing grounds. Mommy had a break down ( I don't like being in open water that is really bumpy), Michael was not having fun either, but our future crab fisherman Casey was loving every minute of it. We limited out in 2.5 hours and were home by 1. We stopped at DNR cove and forgot that the tide was going out. So when we went to go leave our boat was stranded. Brian and I played a fun game of move the rocks and push the boat, while Michael and Casey played on the shore looking for baby crabs and starfish. The boys enjoyed measuring the crab and seeing how big they were each time daddy pulled up a new pot. Here are a couple pics as I had forgotten to take my camera on the boat. Casey was sleeping by the time I got back to take the pics. Peyton spent the day playing at Grandma Cindy's. Here is Michael and Peyton with two of the 16 crabs that we brought back. Most of the crabs were well over the minimum size requirements.
Michael is holding Peyton like that because he kept going after the crab and I was afraid he would be pinched as well. We tried to get a picture of Michael holding one of the crabs but as soon as he put his had to hold the very heavy crab, not so nice Mr. Crab reached around with his claw and pinched. Luckily this boy has quick reflexes and quickly dropped the heavy crab.
Brian then went back out on Saturday and enjoyed the day with a co worker. They also limited out. Looks like it might be a good crabbing season this year. Brian might have just found his lucky shirt thanks to my mom. It is one about fishing. I will have to get a picture and post it sometime.

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