Monday, May 18, 2009


............well almost. Just one more step and two years after it was started and IT is DONE!!! What is it I am talking about?? Peyton's baby quilt. IT has sat for the last year and a half because all I had left to do was the binding. I HATE hand stitching and the binding is where I get stuck. I still have the second quilt of Casey's to finish because I need to handstitch the binding.

I told myself that I would have Peyton's done before his party on Sunday and I am finished. Just have to get some yarn and tie it off. I also have enough fabric leftover that I will be able to make him a matching pillowcase. So happy to be done. Now I can work on getting the rest of little girls blanket done. The top of her quilt is sewn together. Now I just have to get the batting and pick out material for the backing and binding. Maybe this one will be done before the baby is born or shortly after.

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