Monday, November 16, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

The boys are really excited. Our church is taking part in Operation Christmas Child. You can fill a box, label it for a boy or girl in a certain age range and fill it up with toys, personal items, school items and coloring items. We headed out to Fred Meyer's today to pick up some toys. I had a 10% off coupon!
I was quite impressed. Peyton didn't quite get it but Michael and Casey were having a blast and telling everyone what they were doing. The really understand what we are doing. Problem is, my boys have very expensive taste. They would see a $40 toy and ask if we could get it for the kids. I showed them toys in our price range and let them pick. We are going to fill 4 shoe boxes. The boys will each do one and we will fill one for Grace.
We plan on included photos of the kids to send with the boxes. I am glad that we are teaching the boys it is important to give to those in need. We are also coming close to their favorite time of year when Mommy has to make sure she has change on her at all times. They love to give to the bell ringers.
Will post pics with their finished boxes when I am done rounding up everything for them!!

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