Saturday, December 12, 2009

I think we have reached a conclusion

And now it all makes sense. We have had some mild concerns about Michael and his color recognition, but after getting a note home from the teacher yesterday about what is happening at school we looked a little deeper. We found some tests online asked Michael and Casey what they saw in the pictures. Casey could see everything and Michael could only see one. Then we found the reverse tests. The ones that only Michael could see, wouldn't you know it, Michael could see the stuff.

Michael has a color deficiency. Now, where do we go from here. I have no idea. His teacher suggested going to the doctor, is that necessary? Hopefully my sister will be able to help me when she is finished with her errands.


LVS G'MA said...

I'd check with your doctor
i don't however think anything can be done
michaels g'pa has the same problem
don't you remember all the times someone had to go out to the shop to help him match up the colors of the wires?????????
look at it this the worse fate this has for him is he can never be an electrion

Mama Bender said...

I talked with Nicole and she said to wait until his well child check since it is only two months away. She gave me some great ideas for school though. I am going to teach Michael to read what the colors are and send him his own set of colors to school with him so that he isn't digging through the bin to find what he wants. He also would never be able to get a private pilots license!