Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Brian ended up with a 4 day weekend on Labor day weekend. 
He has been itching to go camping. 
After some planning with his parents to meet us out in the islands with their sailboat (and dinghy)
we were off!
We left Friday morning and did a little fishing before heading to the island and unloading our stuff on the beach. 
Brian then headed to the mooring buoy with the boat to await his dinghy service back to the island. 
See why we needed his parents :o)

The kids had a great time playing on the beach. 
Collecting rocks and helping gather firewood. 
Grace spent a lot of time snuggled up under blankets. 
The first few days there was pretty good wind a blowing and it was COLD!

Michael and Casey even slept in their own tent!
 Casey got sick the first night but was feeling much better by lunch time the next day.
 Our view from the island. It was a beautiful weekend. The weather was great.
 Our boat.
Love these two pictures of my Peyton. he is such a little goof ball. 
He had so much fun and kept asking us if we could stay and camp some more as we were 
packing up Sunday morning. 
Didn't get a lot of pictures because I didn't have my camera out a lot. 
Brian got some pictures on his iPhone that I will have upload soon.