Monday, January 9, 2012

My Sweet Peyton

Brian was heading to work on the boat after church yesterday. 
I ran to DQ for a cheap lunch and headed over to where the boat is 
to pick up the plywood we won't be using after all. 

The kids were in the bed of the truck eating and when they were done I grabbed
Grace to buckle her in and told the boys to climb out. 
My boys have been climbing in and out of  boats and trucks all the time. 

The oldest two climbed out and were buckled. The next thing I see out of the corner of my eye
is the tailgate swing down and then crying. 
Grace was half way buckled at this point so I left her in the carseat and ran to the back of the truck. 
Peyton was crying and screaming and the whole right side of his face was covered in sand and dirt. 
He had no outer injuries, except for a small one by his pinky. I ran him into the garage where Brian was and said make sure he is okay, while I went to check on the other kiddos. 
Got the other kiddos buckled and got Peyton calmed down and in the car. 
The only thing he complained about on the drive home was his little cut by the finger.

What happened is as Peyton was climbing out of the truck, over the tailgate,
he reached and grabbed the handle for the tailgate.
Causing it to unlock and flip open!

Got him home and he started complaining about his tummy hurting. 
So I laid him on the couch and put a movie on. 
All he wanted to do was go to sleep. 
I wanted to keep an eye on him for a little bit, so I didn't let him!
Then he puked. I called Brian to give him a heads up that I was calling the Drs office to talk with the nurse. 
She said that since he threw up and they were closing in an hour to bring him in. 
Peyton waiting to be called back into the ER DR. This was before he was acting better. 

Called Brian and told him to come home. 
He puked, again. 
Went to the Dr. 
Puked while waiting in the waiting room and the exam room. 

Dr. came in and said to take him up to the ER and get scans. 
At this point all he wanted to do was lay down and not talk. 
He just wanted to sleep. 
That is not my Peyton, he fights taking naps!

Got to the ER and was seen quickly. 
5 minutes before going to see the ER Doctor he was back to his regular self. 
Talking up a storm and wanting to run laps.

Due to the amount of radiation and Peytons age the DR didn't want to do a CT unless absolutely necessary. 
Brian and I were both fine with that. 
The DR. did some balance tests and a popsicle test (Peyton's favorite)
The nurse was kind enough to drag her feet with discharging Peyton just to make sure he wouldn't throw up again and that we weren't going to be coming back that night. 
Popsicle test!

I will be following up with our Dr. today but it is safe to say that he is fine. 
He is acting like his normal self and had no other incidents upon leaving the hospital. 

Given the all clear and ready to go home!

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lvsgma said...

stay out of the back of truck peyton!!