Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hunt for the Perfect Tree

We had a great Christmas this year. One of the fun new traditions that we started was going up to the mountain to get our Christmas tree (daddy hates bushy trees). I personally like the traditional Douglas tree as it will hold all of my ornaments.

Peyton in front of the final product. Isn't he cute???

Michael and Casey playing in the snow

Daddy and boys getting ready to cut the tree down.
Can't wait until next year. Especially since we followed up the day with dinner at the North Fork Brewery for a delicious pizza. Michael and Casey's favorite dinner (just like Uncle Kevin).


FeeFifo6 said...
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FeeFifo6 said...

your son are very2 cute... hehehehe...


well let's see if this post
it still won't let me post on my blog
LOVED the video