Monday, February 11, 2008

Hard At Work

I spent the boys' nap time today trying to make a few item. They didn't turn out half bad and Michael was nice enough to model the gift for Isa for me. With the birth of baby Kai getting closer I needed to get them done while I had the chance. First up is sling for the new big sis. This way she can be just like mama while she totes around her own baby. And look at all the woof woofs. Isa is going to love it.

What a lovely model I have.
A nursing cover


LVS G'MA said...

The model is great!!
oh so cute
i'm sorry i still don't get the nursing cover (i mean i get it i just don't get it) so would you model that for me also

Isa's mama said...

Nice work. Love the fabrics. Miss Isa must remember her baby for the shower, as that should keep her busy for awhile :)