Thursday, February 21, 2008

High Calorie and Loving It

Peyton sure has been enjoying all of the new foods he has gotten to have over the last week. He loves his avocado (Michael and Casey do not). Refried beans with melted cheese are a favorite. And mommy was able to find some whole milk yogurt for a decent price (it's organic too) More affordable then those baby ones they sell at the store. He is doesn't gain weight on this kind of a diet though I will be amazed. He is also ready to get moving, forward that is. We have mastered scooting backwards but seem to get stuck at the coffee table. One leg on each side of a coffee table led doesn't help.


Getting Ready to go for it

Whoops! But I still have my toy

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My Three Sons said...

I do realize that I already posted two of these pictures but don't feel like editing the post. It has been a long day. :o)