Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peyton Update

Yippee, it worked. Thanks to all the avocados I am sure. Peyton is back up above 17 lbs. He weighed in (at the WIC office) at 17.4 lbs today. Up a pound from last month. He is 27.5 inches. Head circumference is 18 2/8 inc. For height he is in the 10-25%, weight 5%, HC is 75%, and the weight to length is 25%. He is back on track for where he had been. Lets just hope we can keep packing on the pounds, all he wants to do lately is scoot and crawl all over the place. We will go into the lab tomorrow or Friday to get his iron levels tested again so that we can find out if he is anemic. I will update when I know the results from that.


LVS G'MA said...

just wait one day soon they may be telling you~~no stop he's to BIG
YEA for avocados

Fosteronomo said...

Peyton sounds like my size of kid. Glad his stats have normalized a bit. We all miss you all-Rachel