Thursday, March 20, 2008

To Our Friends

Karis and Esther

We miss you guys a lot but hope that you are having a lot of fun and making lots of new friends. I (Michael) wanted to share with you my favorite photo. I keep reminding Mommy that it is my favorite. Remember when you came over and my daddy helped us look for worms??

Our puppies are doing very well. Kona is just as big as Daisy. They like to play ball with us and run around the yard.
Daisey (above)
Kona (below)

We have been helping daddy do lots of work around the house. Mommy has been helping us learn our letter sounds and how they make words. Michael is getting really good and trying to spell words, his favorie ones to spell are Mom, Dad, and boy. Casey likes to run around and just be a boy. Getting dirty is his favorite thing right now. Peyton is crawling and keeping mommy on her toes.

Love your friends

Michael and Casey


Fosteronomo said...

Hi Micheal and Casey, Saturday was my birthday. I got new polly pockets. We went to the zoo and saw lots of animals, penguins. But the rhinoceros one has surgery and the other got dead. Love, esther

Fosteronomo said...

Hi Micheal and Casey,
We are having a good time in MI. It rained with thunder and lightening yesterday. Micheal are you doing well spelling words?
Love, Karis