Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fishing Fun

Casey waiting for Daddy to get pole ready
Daddy getting pole ready
Peyton making sure his lifejacket is in proper working order.
Michael waiting to catch his little fish, we are not to catch sharks as they will kill us if the get into the boat, and big fish won't fit in the freezer (or so Michael says)

Since Daddy has been having three day weekends (most of the time) with the new job we decided to take the boat out for a spin (make sure everything is working) and try to catch some fish. Four hours later, no fish, very sad little boys and some swimming we made it home. We went to Lake Sammish and ended up anchoring the boat and taking turns swimming. Somebody was always on the boat with the children that weren't in the water. Michael and Casey didn't like being in the open water but did enjoy sitting on the little step with their feet dangling in. Peyton didn't get to go all the way in but had big grins everytime Daddy dipped his little legs in the water. Hopefully we will be able to afford the fuel so that we can do this kind of thing more. Mommy doesn't see herself enjoying the bay but might be able to start enjoying the lake more. Maybe we'll even take the tub out when it get a little warmer :o)


LVS G'MA said...

what tub?
michael you need to catch a shark because it won't kill you
you guys are big rough tough fisherpeople you can out gun any ole silly shark
i'm so happy peyt checks out his gear before letting you take them out

LVS G'MA said...

oh i almost forgot

My Three Sons said...

I can't spell today, meant tube :o)We call her Big Bertha