Monday, June 9, 2008

Party Time, Finally

It finally happened. We celebrated Peyton's First Birthday with family yesterday. It is still hard to believe that this little man is one. So long to my sweet baby, hello little boy. My mom and dad and brothers were up from vegas for a week so we decided to post pone any celebrations until everyone could be here. It was well worth it. Thanks to Costco for doing cupcakes now. No more serving and cutting. The cupcake was also a perfect size for this high calorie diet little man.
He loved that cupcake.
Using the new dump truck to practice walking, wish I had gotten video of this, what he really wanted was the new sippy cup in the truck, does this kid think about anything other then food?
The Birthday hat after cake
Grandpa Rutter with Peyton and Casey.
All in all it was a really fun afternoon with family. The boys did a great job, especially since they had not had naps. Dad did a great job BBQing for everyone and cleaning up for the mama. Off to get my children ready for the day.

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