Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shopping Day

I had a wonderful day today. Although I ended up taking Peyton with me, it was still a good day. I didn't get much. Had to watch the budget as Brian is out hunting and needed lots of gear to get ready for the first time. But here are my finds for the day.
I think all of it ended up being for Peyton. They just didn't have bargains on things I liked for Michael and Casey.
First up is two pairs of stride rites for the price of one at the online store. This is a great deal.
I found this adorable winter hat for Peyton.
Couldn't pass up this cute dog outfit. Especially since I know Kai will be able to wear it.
I am a sucker for little boys in sweater vests and never pass one up for $6. I looked for matching ones for Michael and Casey but came up emptyhanded.

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