Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Three Sons

Grace has been getting most of the appearances on the blog.
She is the one that will sit nicely for pictures!
I thought it was about time that I put some pics of the boys on the blog.
Aren't they cute?

Nicole, I need a new header made. Can I send you the pics I want to use?


Isa and Kai's mama said...

You could- but it would probably be quicker to do it yourself :)

Mama Bender said...

but how did you get the background and the frames?

Isa and Kai's mama said...

I did it all in Picasa as a collage. And I can't just swap out pictures, it has to be redone (as that would be easy). I can do it, but it probably won't be til summer, so depends on what kind of time frame you are looking at. I need to redo mine, too, as it is a year old (but I do love those pics of Kai with curls)!

LVS G'MA said...

love your new header
tell michael that g'ma can tell he hasn't been brushing his teeth very well