Monday, April 19, 2010

Our blossoming flower

Here is my sweet little girl. This was tricky as I knew she would want to eat the flower
and I had a short window of opportunity to get the photo I wanted.

Who, ME?

Just precious.

I have a feeling that Grace is going to be my earliest crawler. I could be wrong but she wants to be mobile and keep up with her brothers. As soon as you put her on the ground she is leaning forward and trying to get on all fours. That darn leg keeps getting stuck though.
When on her tummy she is constantly pushing up onto all fours and rocking.
She started clapping last week...just recently going from a fisted clap to an open hand .
All you have to do is say YEAH GRACE and she starts to clap.

Peyton woke up the other morning, walked up to Grace and said (without any prompting) You are a PRINCESS Grace....Grace you are a PRINCESS!
She is going to be one I mean, LOVED Girl.

In other news...Peyton is officially potty trained (#1) but still hasn't gotten #2. I bought him some racing underwear today. He is carrying it around with him and told him that when he goes poo on the potty I will let him have one. He seems very is hoping it works.

1 comment:

LVS G'MA said...

sure it will
he'll pooh in the toilet
then get the undies
and finish off in those
good luck