Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daisy Mae

I'd like to introduce you to our beloved companion, Daisy.
Brian and I have had her since she was six weeks old.
We drove 1600 miles just to pick her up.
You wouldn't believe but she used to be small enough to sit on the door handle of a geo metro.
She was loved.
Most people see a Rottie and they think mean aggressive dog.
Daisy was anything but that and would never hurt a fly.
I remember when I was pregnant with Michael,
she would follow me around and not let me out of her sight.
During the summer we would leave the back door open and if I was out of sight for to long
she would make a circle through the house, check on me and then go back and lay back by the door.

Saturday afternoon we noticed she was limping and had a big lump on her leg.
The vet had no openings, so I had to wait until Monday to take her in.
The vet said he has never had a Rottie that he could put up on the xray table and just put where he needed her to be. Xray came back with the news of bone cancer.

After a bit of talking it over we decided that it would be best if she was no longer in pain.
I made sure to get one last picture of our precious dog with the kids that loved her.
She has been one of the best dogs we ever had and even in the pain she was in wanted to do nothing but please us.

We will miss you Daisy!


LVS G'MA said...

RIP Daisy

Isa and Kai's mama said...

Did you have her put down that day at the vet or did you do it after? Michael looks like he already knows her fate...
Poor, poor Daisy.

Mama Bender said...

We did it that day. We told the kids about it from the start. Michael seems to be fine with it. Casey is having the hardest time. He has attached himself to the stuff Daisy dog.