Sunday, June 6, 2010

I call her, Silve

Silve the Silverado that is. Last weekend I took our 98 expedition into a mechanic, who happens to know my dad, who looked at it free of charge. He so kindly told me that it needed a new rear end, axle bearing on the passengers rear side, and ball joints on the front. The cost would of have been $1250.....just for the rear end! UGH!
Brian and decided to get rid of it before it died. Only way to do that was to trade in the expedition and my husband's beloved Mercedes. We had a looked at a few used vehicles but because of the years of the vehicles the banks wanted to charge us a higher interest rate.
We talked with one of Brian's friends who is a car salesman and he went to bat for us. Showed us this 2010 Chevy Silverado LT....and she is a beaut!

Best part of all, she has the most lovely warranty.

Now to get the husband a cheap commuter so that I have a way to get around during the day.

On a side note. My brother in law Ben is letting us borrow his jeep so that I can take our poor dog Daisy to get some x-rays done on her leg tomorrow. Hoping it doesn't get to expensive!

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LVS G'MA said...

did you think about asking lorren