Saturday, January 1, 2011

Attempted Year in Review

January~Brian and I had our Birthdays :o) Nothing to exciting that I can remember!

February~Michael turns 6 and is loving Kindergarten :o)

March, April and May are all a blur except that we celebrated Peyton's birthday in May!

June and July bring on fishing season for Brian. Actually, that started early this year since we sold our Bellboy in December of 09 and replaced it with a 19' Seaswirl. We also headed up for an impromptu overnight camping trip at Baker Lake for some salmon fishing. Did fairly well and all the kids enjoyed themselves.
July we celebrated 8 years of marriage. My how the time has flown.

August~ We took the kiddos to the fair and celebrated Grace's 1st Birthday.

September~ more fishing. Michael enters the 1st Grade and is loving reading. Casey starts Kindergarten.

October~more fishing and the motor in the boat needed some major repair. But no worries, it is now up and running!

November~Lots and lots of overtime for Brian. Just about every weekend. I finish up sewing my last bin for Snap-EZ as they are shutting down the business. Ready to see what is in store.

December~We brought a puppy, Samson! He is a sweet little Golden and the kids love him. Mom and Dad and Kevin came up for the holidays. Brian spent most of the month replacing the floor in the boat. We celebrated Casey's 6th Birthday. All the kiddos got sick the weekend that mom and dad got here. Luckily it was a quick little bug that worked its way through their systems in about 12 hours. Had a great time at Brian's company Christmas party. I also started watching our friends two kids on a more regular schedule.

Nothing to exciting here! However, I am looking forward to our first real vacation in years come June! Here we come DisneyLand!

Looking forward to what 2011 has in store for us.

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LVS G'MA said...

don't forget grandpa came up to help celebrate little miss grace turning one. meemaw is also looking forward to the disney trip!!! it will be so much fun to have all the g'kids there at the same time!! i love group cousin time