Wednesday, January 12, 2011


No pictures right now but it was kind enough to snow last night. I am not thrilled about this. We live in the county and have about 1 or 2in and for some reason school is closed! Seriously people! I just find it frustrating. Especially since my hubby was told not to come into work (this was yesterday before it snowed) and most likely not to come in tomorrow. Which means that I might have to go pick up his paycheck today, since he is hunting and hoping to fish. Minor problem, I watch some friends' children 3 days a week and do not have enough room in my vehicle since all my kids are going to be home. Should have splurged and gotten a suburban. Yeah right, that would have only 20 grand more than our truck :o) Oh well. Sorry for the rant but I am flustered! Thanks! If you are lucky I might get some pictures in the next day or two and put them up. We will see. For now, I need to try and get my cell phone working again.


Brandon and Kari + 1 said...

I hear ya my husband is out hunting with your husband today and not getting paid...ugh!! We are going to get Brandon's check too plus my normal grocery shopping on least you get to hang-out out Sat. right?!?!?!

Mama Bender said...

that is the bonus Kari! Looking forward to seeing you guys. We are lucky enough to have some vacation time to dip into. This is the exact reason we don't use vacation time for vacations! See you Sat.