Monday, September 22, 2008

Done working on 4 (no I'm not pregnant)

Now on to 5 and 6. My usually happy baby has been rather grumpy and irritable lately. I now understand why. My child who waited until a day before his first birthday to get a tooth, is now getting the all at once. Last week number 4 came in. Well, I got a glimpse into his cute little mouth and can see two more teeth getting ready to break through the top. Thank goodness for tylenol. I had a picture I wish I could put on but it on Brian's camera (not the best quality). So I'll give you the story. On Saturday our church had an all day scrapbooking crop. It was great. I got a lot done and even got to take a class. I made some adorable magnets. Brian stayed home with the boys. Peyton has been fascinated with the drawer under the oven, so what did he do?? The little booger climbed in it and just stood there. Brian didn't have time to grab the actual camera. It is adorable.

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LVS G'MA said...

thanks for the title - - i''m still breathing

next time have him grab the right camera