Monday, September 15, 2008

I Cannot Believe It

I am a little frustrated with the government in Washington State. They banned the type of detergent that I can use in my dishwasher. Right now it is only in Whatcom County but will be statewide in 2010. It bugs me that they can regulate something like that. Eco friendly is the only thing I can use, let me tell you. It doesn't work. I bought some and it didn't work. I will be driving south and stocking up in Skagit County. What I don't get is that the ready tabs (that contains more of the chemical they are banning) is still available because for some reason it doesn't have as great of an impact. I just don't get it.


LVS G'MA said...

you could always move back to vegas
we don't care about the environment here :0)

Kangas Family said...

ditto ditto ditto.. we drive down to burlington now to get our beloved cascade w/ bleach. :)