Monday, November 24, 2008

AT&T Update :o)

Well, when I called their customer service center, a nice and calm man answerered the phone. I didn't give him much of a chance to say anything because I wanted him to know what had a happened and what I expected.

1) I want to know who cancelled my husband's cell phone
answer: it was cancelled at the store where you bought. I replied with, "They said they didn't know what happened and that it was a computer thing." He apologized about 5 times.

2) reactivate it

3) I want a decent credit applied to my account.
I am going to credit your account $38.50 (half of this months bill). 5 more apologies.

I was happy that he was able to take care of it so quickly. I also told him that it wouldn't have been that big of a deal if the people at the store were able to tell me who did it and why and been able to reactivate my phone instead of working all weekend. Especially since it is Brian's work phone and someone from work was trying to get a hold of him today. I know because I answered his phone this afternoon. At least it is over. This is the only issue I have ever had with AT&T and I don't expect it to happen again. We like them because of their rollover (we currently have 2500 unused minutes) and I expect us to never have to pay an outrageous bill because we go over in minutes. However, if this happens again I will be terminating my contract and expecting them to pay the early cancellation fee.

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