Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Me Oh My

I must say that I am not happy with the outcome of the recent election but it is what it is. Even though Obama got the electoral votes it was somewhat reassuring to see that in the national poll it was fairly close. Obama just won all the states he needed to. I found it frustrating that they were calling the states when only one percent of the votes were in at the time.
I am hoping that the AP is wrong in the Governors Race for Washington. They are saying that Gregoire beat Rossi and only 55% of the votes are in. I don't believe it. How do they know that the majority of the rest of the votes aren't for Rossi. It isn't like Gregoire has a 20% + lead on Rossi. I don't think WA can handle 4 more years with her in office. I've said what I needed to and will now leave it be.

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Isa and Kai's mama said...

Wow, politics on the blog- I am not even going that route on the blog, because, as I now fully realize, everyone has a different opinion :)
To each his own.