Thursday, July 30, 2009

38 weeks!!

If all goes planned (and it never does with my babies) it should only be about two weeks before we get to meet this new little bundle of joy. Had an appointment yesterday. We got to check out the birth center. Luckily it has air conditioning, my midwife's office doesn't! My blood pressure has stayed amazingly low this pregnancy. Usually just a little below borderline or just pushing borderline. Baby's heartbeat is good and she is still measuring a week under what should and two weeks under what my baby's usually do!!! The midwifes predicition is that she will be smaller than the boys were but that she won't small. I told her that I don't expect a small baby but something in the 8 lb range would be nice for a change :o) Only time will tell. She is thinking that the change in our diet at the beginning of the pregnancy has helped to keep this one on the "average" (at least we think she is) side of things. Hopefully the predicitions are true.


Isa and Kai's mama said...

Change in diet? You mean constantly puking?

Mama Bender said...

no, I mean I started eating a lot more fruits and veggies instead of carbs and stuff loaded with calories. More healthy foods, until last week or so, starting to get back into the fruits and veggies :o) Couldn't eat a lot of junk with the puking either. I am still only 10 lbs over my pre pregnancy weight!!!

LVS G'MA said...

wow no carbs incredible

this is a good time of year for fruits and vieggies should be keeping michael happy

where are some recent pictures of my boys

i may not reconize them next time i see them

Mama Bender said...

I have some pics on the camera just need to have the patience to deal with getting them on the computer :o) last time they didn't transfer and I lost them. The boys love all the fresh fruits, especially since we are only a couple miles for Boxx Berry farm!!