Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Contest #2

When will the Baby come. The person that gets the closest is the winner. Don't know what the prize will be but I am sure I will come up with something.


Due date is Aug 12

Michael was a week late born in the morning and weight 9.7
Casey was induced born on time, in the morning and weighed 9.5
Peyton was exactly a week late born in the late afternoon/early morning weighting 9 10.5

Good luck.


Isa and Kai's mama said...

August 19
2:32 am
8lbs 5 ounces

LVS G'MA said...

August 20
10 lbs
you're welcome

Stephanie said...

August 14
9 lbs 15 oz....that's a whole pound smaller than mine :)

p.s. we should have a contest to see which of our girls is the biggest...since you seem to have large babies like I do. part of me think I'll be the winner...we'll give it a few weeks! :)

WeedaFamily said...

August 18
8lbs 14oz