Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have been having irregular contractions since Sunday. Yesterday I had had enough of it!!! Since I was dilated to 3 and 50% effaced I figured that my chances of Castor Oil working were pretty good. I called my midwife and gave her the heads up. No effect what so ever!!! Which is good and bad. I did start having more intense contractions and more consistently having 5-6 an hour. I had none of the effects of the Castor Oil which was great b/c with Peyton I had them all :o(

So Cindy took the boys all night, just in case you know. We met with the midwife at the Birth Center at 8 just to see if anything was going on and it was working like it should. NOTHING!!! NO CHANGE!!! So disappointing.

I got sent home with orders to take a warm bath and some Tylenol PM so that I could get a goodnights sleep. I laid in bed for two hours with horrible contractions every 5 min....They must have started spreading out because I fell asleep and didn't wake until 8 this morning.

This little one is stubborn. Now it is just wait and see b/c I don't think I can drink another ounce of that awful stuff!!!


Isa and Kai's mama said...

You Turkey!
You said no castro oil!
I can't help but laugh...
Onery little turd... Kaikai was onery about coming out and look at him- he was ANGRY boy for 6 months. Let her come out on her own time and maybe she won't hold a grudge...

LVS G'MA said...

not fair
you can't take guesses arrival date with a prize then go and try to induce just b/c you want too
i cry FOUL
you owe everyone who took a guess a coffee
cuz you didn't play fair
and leave my g/daughter alone she knows when she wants to make her debut

Mama Bender said...

After having contractions for 6 straight days I was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep. I would have figured out a winner through a drawing. Last night was the first night I have been able to stay asleep without tossing and turning!!! I actually felt rested this morning. It's not like it worked anyways!!!

Mama Bender said...
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LVS G'MA said...

heather my dear
who ever told you that you would feel rested when 40 weeks pregnant with three pre-schoolers
sorry don't mean to sound unsympathic but nobody feels rested at this point ;0)
hope you have a restful night