Sunday, July 31, 2011


This last Saturday marked Mr. Brandon's first trip out since the accident on July 4th.
I have to tell you that everytime my husband sent me a picture of Brandon doing something on the boat I got a big grin and proudly showed everyone around me!
He adapted and helped the guys out.
He reeled in rods to help clear the water.
Not easy to do left handed when all the reels are right handed.
He even gave some of the crabs some pay back!

Brian with the blood on the deck. Had to blur out the background for his post on bloodydecks, so not give the location away.

Casey even told me that Mr. Brandon let him play with his hook!
The boys were thrilled to go out with Brian's favorite crew again.
Thanks Mr. Calvin and Mr. Brandon.


Its our world 2 said...

nice to see your friend adapting so well. a good sense of humor always helps the healing process and the attitude!!

Its our world 2 said...

you do know that its our world 2 is me don't you??? mom

Mama Bender said...

yep, I do