Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunny Day

My college roommate from my freshman year was in Seattle. Michael, Casey, Grace and I loaded up the truck today and headed down to pick her up and then off to find a park. We started at Kirkland Marina. It had a great little beach/water part. We then wandered off through Kirkland to see what else we could find. We found a great play are for the kids and then it was off to find lunch. It was a grand day overall. Until my phone rang that is. It was Brian.

conversation follow

where are you?
Good, Calvin just called and asked if I had heard about Brandon yet?
What happened to Brandon (a friend and coworker)?
There was an accident last night, he lost some fingers, they are talking amputation. They transferred him to Harborview. Try to get a hold of his wife and see if they need anything since you are down there and available.

I got off the phone with my husband and called Brandon's cell hoping someone had it on them. No luck. Left a message at the hospital for his wife to call me. I then called his house (thank goodness for internet on my phone) His sister was kind enough to give me a cell number. I got a hold of them and was able to talk with them for a few minutes. Please be in prayer for the family. From what I know they are taking his hand. I don't know anything about the accident itself and am not going to assume to know what happened. It was unfortunate event.

We drove home and are now relaxing at home.

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