Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visit with a Friend

Brian and I had the pleasure of going to visit The Mulders last night.
A friend from church was kind enough to come and watch the kiddos for us.
It was great to sit and catch up and see how they are moving forward with their
"new normal"
Such a positive attitude and determination to make the best of this situation.
Brandon is looking forward to getting back out on the boat and is already on the lookout for a left handed gun for duck hunting.
I look forward to seeing them walk this journey together.
If you want to keep up on Brandon's progress and see their sweet little boy as well
check out

Can't wait till we get to post photos of a day on the bay with
Brian, Mr. Brandon and the kiddos with their catches.

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LVS G'MA said...

positive attitude is the only one to have in a situation like this. of course there will be days of what ifs, but he is young and strong (physically and spirtitually) so they will be just fine!