Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It all works out

This week had gotten off to a good start. Sunday we learned that a friend had gone back into the car salesman position with dewey griffin. We had told him that we really wanted to get down to just one payment and that we had negative equity on our current loans. He told us that they had a few cars that they were low into but had a high retail. We found the one we wanted and the insurance is only $10 more a month than the kia and we would be losing the van insurance. Yesterday it looked like we wouldn't be able to get financing but I called our very small Credit Union and after getting creative we found a solution. Yipee. We are going to go test drive it tonight (didn't want to test drive before securing financing). Monday the day took a slight turn for the worse. I was unable to deposit into our main account. UGH!!! Monday night I opened a new account online. Was approved for new account yesterday. Checked balance on original account today and saw that two of my transactions had been repeated. Called bank. They are aware of the problem and working to resolve it. I was relieved.

So tonight we are meeting our friend at the dealer to test drive a car and hopefully get down to owning only two cars having no negative equity and only full coverage on one vehicle.

Oh yeah, the Kia quit running yesterday. Good thing it is still under factory warranty and we had purchased the extended warranty. It was a mass air flow sensor. A part covered under warranty and it should be fixed in time to go hand it over to Dewey tomorrow. I think we finally have all of our ducks in the row and this is one of the best experiences we have had with a dealership. It doees pay to have friends in the business :o)

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