Friday, June 26, 2009

The New Toy

One of Brian's coworkers was driving past a garage sale and grabbed this house for the kids. It was very sweet of them to think of us and get it for the boys (and the little girl to play with eventually). Brian went and picked it up yesterday and I cleaned it off today. Peyton likes to go into the house and say bye or hi. They were even kind enough to put a brand new door handle on it. They are very kind people. They have also added to our little girl's clothes by the boxes. His wife is on the clothing drive for their church and has been sending stuff ( a lot) our way.

Hopefully Michael and Casey will like it as much as the Peyton does !!! Brian did some work for them awhile back and they have repaid us greatly for his help. We have a swingset and tree fort and now the playhouse. They even paid Brian for his labor. Now Brian just has to go over and build a playhouse for them.

1 comment:

LVS G'MA said...

great find
looks like peyt likes it
move over little one i'm on the way and i'll be wanting in with you